company formation [EN]

why pay chf 5’500 to create a company?

free at last

after creating a large number of companies for our clients in switzerland, we have decided to add “company formation” as one of the featured services on our website. why? first because we became pretty efficient and good at creating companies. secondly because we believe that many starting entrepreneurs still pay too much for creating their own company. a quick search on google shows amounts up to chf 5’500 for just creating an entity. we decided to offer these services for free to make sure that starting entrepreneurs do not overpay for these services. the only costs you pay are those unavoidable external fees (such as notary, register of commerce, etc).

a little bit extra

also, we have had many requests of entrepreneurs helping them to create logo’s, websites and search for offices. we have packaged these services into a premium package for company formations. these services are offered, including the company formation, at a price well below market price for company formations.


we believe that starting a company should be exciting. you should have your hands free to focus on the strategy, implementing the business plan and making money. on our side, we are here to help you to create the company, setup your accounting, make sure you do not get surprised on the tax side and provide you any additional advice.

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